Predict detentions

A smart AI model which can predict the risk of a vessel being detained by port authorities in the Asia Pacific region. The AI has learnt vessel risk patterns from detention data from 2018 and 2019 and it has been tested on data from 2020, where it outperformed the existing standard vessel risk categorisation used in the industry.

Single vessel prediction

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Port of Singapore

Live view of vessels entering and leaving port.

Look up vessel parameters

From the database of vessels with known inspection parameters. This database is currently incomplete.

Latest vessels with detention risk in Singapore

Live: current vessels which are currently located in Port of Singapore, updated daily. Last updated Apr 05 2021 20:07:41 UTC.
 Vessel name  IMO  Probability Risk
 CASTLE  9395238  3.88%  high 
 MT MAPLE  7821829  3.44%  high 
 MAERSK SALTORO  9725706  1.43%  medium 
 POSH MALLARD  9812822  1.43%  medium 
 IONIC ASPIS  9523287  1.28%  medium 
 ARGENT IRIS  9459280  1.24%  medium 
 STOLT SUISEN  9156577  1.12%  low 
 KST 58  9501447  1.11%  low 
 PW RELIANCE  9539157  1.09%  low 
 MMA CORAL  9594200  0.94%  low 
 CONTI STOCKHOLM  9200706  3.36%  high 
 QUEEN OF NETHERLANDS  9164031  2.57%  high 
 JASMIN JOY  9427471  2.18%  high 
 ENA JADE  9443085  1.78%  high 
 KRASZEWSKI  9432153  1.71%  high 
 MIDNIGHT GLORY  9877808  1.59%  medium 
 LNG SAKURA  9774135  1.47%  medium 
 NCC MASAFI  9489065  1.46%  medium